Spring update

2021 Membership Drive will be under way in May. Karen Webster and her team of energetic volunteers will be canvassing the community and we hope you’ll welcome them when they knock on your door. Membership fees remain at $20 per family again this year and are payable to either the volunteers, online via e-transfer to communitypelicanpoint@gmail.com


AGM is scheduled for June 12th @ 9:30 am at the Baseball diamond.  Please bring your own chair.


HERITAGE DAY CELEBRATION - Saturday, July 31st - plans are underway, however modified do to current AHS/COVID guidelines, it should still prove to be a great day for all members of the family.


Free Book Lending Libraries - We have two! Available for all to use and located at the campground entrance. When you take a book, try when possible, to replace it with one you’ve already read and enjoyed. DVD’s are also accepted and available.


Annual Community-wide Garage Sale - August 14th -“one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!!” Here's a great opportunity to rehome your ‘junque/treasures’ and to meet and greet your neighbors!

Pet Control - We understand that your pets are very much loved members of your family and we certainly welcome them here at Pelican Point. Please just remember to continue to be responsible pet owners by keeping your dogs on leash and picking up after them. Respect for private property is very much appreciated and your cooperation will go a long way in keeping the community safe, healthy and enjoyable for all.











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